Jingle Bells! Batman spells. Robin speaks in prose.
Oh what fun it is to tease the meaning of a rose…
Did you sing that intro? Does the meaning of a rose now trouble you?
Here we will fiddle a few reasons to make change work for you! First you should know that New Year is not a great time to make changes in your life. Why, I hear you ask? We’ve always done it that way, you say. Being honest, how did those changes stick? Too often Christmas and New year are stress-filled times for many. Stress acts like oil to change – it slides off and out! 
So, to make things stick, pick a time with less stress. Avoid proximity to family gatherings, promotions/demotions, around a death, et al. Choose a time when  you and/or your team are more “at comfort”. The success of change in your life and leadership depends on continued implementation.
Did you learn that trick about spaghetti as a kid? We were told that if you throw a strand against the ceiling and it doesn’t stick, it needs more time to cook. (Yes, we’d pick it up off the floor and dump it back in the pot). Naturally, we rather enjoyed seeing just how long a cooked piece of spaghetti might stick to the ceilings and the walls… It wasn’t a game we could play with “management” in the room! But how do you cook a good habit, a change, to stick to your life where and when you want it?
Here are 3 essentials to getting something to cooked into your life, and stuck on the ceiling as long as you need it!
  1. Know your values. If you know who you are, you are less likely to be dragged away from yourself. If you share who you are, people with similar values will come around and help you grow more into that.
  2. Write down your goals. If you know where you want to go (your goals), and you know where you are, then plotting a path will be easier.
  3. Have a mentor. Find someone who lives out your values in a way you want to. Ask them to sit with you and figure out the paths to do that in your life. Once a month is usually the most a mentor might meet with you. A coach can sit with you more regularly so you can practice the cook the spaghetti and stick it to the ceiling.
i can and i will - self beliefWhen change happens, remind yourself of your values, your goals, and your path. Ask yourself: does this affect any of these? If not – acknowledge, then continue as you were. If it does affect any of these, then spend some time reflecting and renewing yourself on your path. Schedule time once a quarter to review your goals, values and path.
And when the going gets tough, remember that you can, and you will. You have chosen a great squad.
Your coach will hold you accountable to the success of both the individual as well as the team… know yourself; know your players; have a great coach; implement the plan!
Choose to be better today, and get the support team of your life on your side… amplico helps people Be Free To Succeed. Contact us to find a time that suits you.