Written by Steven Lancaster:
Do you think change is easy for me? Well… I’m used to change happening, and that does seem to make it more manageable.

If we explained change in a running metaphor, it still applies to every area of life… and this is my experience. Our life is made of things (training) that lead to moments where “decision performance” is “critical” (racing).

TL;WR (too long; won’t read)? Skip to the end for the easy tips… and come back later for the context!

Training… that’s “just” the discipline that enables impulsive motivation & good “instantaneous” decisions.

In sport you will hear things like, “this food is bad” or “this is a superfood”. Same of certain exercises and habits and even friends! The truth is, we’re all different and need different stimuli at different times! And this is where a coach is valuable; they help you identify what is working and suggest better things for you (even though you can do it yourself); and often this relates to your PROCESS. I have become a faster, stronger, fitter runner on less since working with Aspire Live Fit for my running… and it helped me spend more time at home and at work! Process management is what coaches help with most! And its a long term gain (game?).

So to more of the running metaphor: I usually go into race-day with THREE plans!

Yes, three plans: Plan A, C, & F. I see you scratching your head and wondering, “huh”! To be clear, F does not equal “Fail”, it means “Fulfilled”! And all these are based on my training mindset.

When everything goes spectacularly well, I get my Plan C. See it, believe it. Champion Plan! It is a personal best (and if there are no “real” runners there on the day, maybe a podium – not that a podium has ever happened). I’ve had 3 runs that have worked as Plan A in the last 10 years; and dreamed of many more.

I almost always start running at “A plan pace”, which is identical to C for the first half of the event. Then as decision time approaches I evaluate where I am and what is left “in my tank”. Sometimes its not a great review!! If everything crashes, the goal is just to get to the end. That’s happened a few times! That’s my Plan F: fulfil the finish goal. An aside… I have also quit a race before, when it would lead to permanent damage (winners do know when to quit). I’ve had 4 F’s and 3 DNF’s (did not finish). A DNF is still a step further than a DNS/DNT (or, did not start/try). And I’m healthy enough to get up the next day (or at all) and train again. Life (and running and business) is a process.

So what is Plan A? This plan is based on where I am, and has the most realistic “best” for me at this moment in time. It is slower than the “C plan” and usually a lot faster than the F plan. I’ve had 3 A plan finishes… and would have upgraded at least 2 more from “F” had I been more conservative/honest in my review.

I’m sure we share the experience that things often go 2-out-of-12 according to plan in training (life); as in racing (those big moments). Knowing important signs and symptoms for health indicators are key for you (sport, social, professional, spiritual… the whole of you); and for your business. A coach has the experience and detachment to assist with this. If these key benchmarks define your decisions, why not get assistance? Your decisions let you limp on, send you to hospital, or get you that “podium”. And that podium will look different to us all, depending on how we define success. I want to run long, and for many decades.

I don’t know “it all”. I do know a great group of people who know “their piece of my pie”, the experts. I lean on them; sometimes hard. This benefits me… and them! And because I choose people who share similar values, we work well together. And because I choose a group with defined diversities (age, background, gender, business specialities), I make better decisions. This makes me a better coach for you.

5 EASY things to help you adapt to change:

1 – Know yourself! If you know yourself (and your business), you can know others (and their business) better. You’re far less likely to enter relationships that detract from your dreams, but rather build each other’s dreams. Get honest input. Knowing yourself includes your values, your purpose and your goals! This enables you to place yourself in good context.

2 – Surround yourself with mentors. Yes, plural! Each part of you needs input. Choose wisely. And as you grow, maybe you need a different mentor. And as your mentors move on, be ready to accept and encourage them, too. Also… not every person can be everything to you. Diversify. One of the biggest dangers I see is people losing themselves in just one or two areas/people, and therefore losing sight of broader meaning. (PS: a mentor is not usually a coach; a coach can assist you in identifying good mentors).

3 – Listen. To yourself, to your mentors. You know you best. Your mentors usually have good insight into the path ahead for you. Use the two inputs to determine where you will travel. I once ignored a paramedic’s advice… and continued to finish a long run; it was the right decision. I have twice listened to medical advice and not completed a race (once landed in the emergency unit…after a long wait while considering if I should continue…)! Context matters, and if you know yourself you can make realistic decisions. For you.

4 – Train… the little things. Good habits are hard to break and little things are easy to accomplish. Yep; this is medium and long term major growth. Motivation is great, but it’s discipline that breeds your happiness. Keep doing the little things in and for each area of your life. Work 3 weeks harder, then take a week slower; this is called periodization and allows your body to rest, grow stronger, and adapt to the changes you want in your life. It is a lifestyle, rather than a moment.

5 – Swap out theory: If you bring in a good little thing, swap out a less good (or even a bad) thing! Its always a replacement… very seldom is a change a pure addition or subtraction to your life. Focusing on the goal for this new thing is much easier and the change more likely to stick.

If you need help changing something in your life or your business… contact us now! Surviving, thriving, or living. #MindsetFitnessCoaching