mindset fitness coaching be free to succeed

Since inception, amplico has offered a value-based service. We are driven by an ethos of diversity, learning, and giving. We guarantee a different perspective to your decision making scenarios.

amplico is based in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. While coaching often works better face to face, we do offer individual and executive coaching online. Offsite and out of town coaching, training or other sessions can be done by prior arrangement.

Our purpose is to leave better people for our world.

We meet this through one (or a combination) of the three tiers of coaching: life coaching, executive coaching, and team coaching. Each contract is uniquely driven by your expectations and required outcomes. We work with individuals and businesses.

Like Nelson Mandela’s book title, Freedom may come from a Long Walk, but we believe that the action is supported and seen through by an appropriate mindset. It is this mindset with which we work, so your walk becomes an enjoyable journey.