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Why coaching? Creative thinking with an open mind in a safe space leads to better decisions and greater happiness:

      • better systems, personal or communal
      • accountability
      • personalized and group time management
      • improved communication
      • clearer vision and purpose
      • role definition 
      • better sales and profits
      • a risk assessment and road map to success
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Successful people use coaches to reach beyond average; athletes, artists, leaders.
They practice skills until they can’t get the skill wrong.
They innovate on their strengths.
   Will you take your life as professionally as they might?

Foundation Coaching

Get your career (back) on track, and kickstart your success with our foundational 6-session series. We explore your values, goals, and success factors together. This is worked into a maneagable plan of action.

amplico offers 6 of these a year at a discounted rate! Contact us today and ask if you are one of the last 3 for 2023 (yes, as at September 21st there are still 3 left!) Or book for 2024 now!

Investing in yourself and your company starts now!

Advanced Coaching

A commitment to your success as a business or a leader (or a busienss leader!)

A term contract at a discounted rate where we explore your habits/systems and determine paths that fit for value, skill, and desired outcomes. Persnolaties are complext. Measuring success shouldn’t be. 

Utilizing various coaching models that are appropriate to your peculiar, unique situation is important to how we measure your success. Be Free To Succeed with a long term view of growth that compounds into your business and your life. 

Team Coaching

There’s always that 1 person in a team… and if you don’t know who it is, then its probably you! #ProbablyTrue, but maybe not. 

Or maybe its a lack of a skill within the team… this ca be developed. Have a look at some of the courses we offer here. 

Dealing with change and conflict can be complex. Get personal with the vision, the goal, the outcome! We utilize various methods to deal with teams that “need a bit of grease” to get you “up to speed”.