Steven is a business coach, change agent, mentor, and speaker. He works with a variety of individual and business (for profit and not-for-profit) clients. Steven helps maximize engagement with self, suppliers, staff, and customers for mutual benefit. He coaches people to give their passions and strengths into the teams and communities they grow.

“Extreme sportsman, runner, philanthropist, environmentalist, social responsibility icon & public relations guru have all been used to describe Steven Lancaster. For many years The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund’s Beggar-in-chief, a Rotary Club and BNI chapter president, Steven is synonymous with his not-for-profit adventures and is a long-time charity supporting giant”. ~ Gino’s Spot

Since its inception, amplico offers a value-based service, driven by an ethos of diversity, education, and giving. Coaching may include other specialists to maximize your growth.

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