Unlocking Authentic Communication

The magic of the first light, that initial ray of sun that you reach out and touch after a sleepless night (running, riding, sickness… whatever the reason). That magic brings the same satisfaction as speaking to an active listener; someone who wants to “get you”. Yes, we often hear about how we can BE active listeners, but how do we encourage them in our lives?

There is power that lies in communication; it inspires, educates, and connects. Active listening is key… however, speaking to encourage active listening is a magic tool that works for you, too! Here we explore the joy and importance of engaging with active listeners, those who go beyond just hearing your words, but truly absorb and respond to what you say.

What is Active Listening? It is more than just a smile and a nod of attention. It involves your full presence to the speaker, focusing on their words and other cues. Active listeners engage in empathetic responses, and provide critical feedback for improved mutual understanding.

Here’s how you can provide opportunity for your listener(s) to be active:

1. Start simple. Einstein said that “if you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, then you don’t understand it yourself”. Reframe your words simply. Do it again. And again, until we all “recognize” the “frame”. In this simplicity, say what you mean, and mean what you say.

2. Provide opportunity for empathy. “Stories sell, facts tell”. If you have facts, frame them in a story. This allows emotional connection from both sides, and doubles the opportunity for understanding. It leads to authenticity, fostering deeper connections. Emotions invite people to focus on the message.

3. Provide opportunity to collaborate. “I am because we are”. Learning happens best when we collaborate. Learning about our “selves”, our tasks, and our desired outcomes occurs best in an open, collaborative space. These fresh perspectives will give you the edge in business and leadership. Leaders want to foster open minds; and with apologies to Pratchett, the great thing about an open mind is that people will come along and put things in it.

4. Building Trust and Rapport: When you speak to active listeners, you develop a sense of trust and rapport. Knowing that someone is truly invested in what you have to say builds stronger relationships. This trust extends beyond the conversation itself and lays the foundation for long-lasting connections.

In summary, you’ll know you’ve “hit the mark” when you get the right follow up questions, and right requests for relationship. You do this by keeping an open mind, focus, and paying attention. As always.

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