Here we go thinking, you and me, at an average near 60,000 thoughts a day! And there’s a 70% repeat rate on those thoughts. Your brain is racing high speed around a track. Daily.

If you had to rate those thoughts, especially the repeat thoughts, would you go low like (insert name of someone you disrespect here), or would you go high like we might consider Einstein or Katherine Johnson?

Johnson is the person responsible for the calculations that made the moon-landing possible. She was smart, and able to work with a team. 10/10.

But more importantly than the exact rating you give yourself, do you want to improve your thinking?

There are elements, like anything, that will help… and there is a lot written about better thinking. Perhaps the most important aspect is “attention”: Like water for a plant, air for us, or soap to clean, attention to our thoughts is essential.

I like the “Partners For Possibility “recommended book on Time to Think as it details 10 elements, the first of which is attention. And we probably already practice some of these in our thinking: equality, ease, appreciation, encouragement, feelings, information, diversity, incisive questions, and place.

Full attention will usually mean both space and ease are included, along with some appreciation and encouragement. However, some of the others we may struggle to provide ourselves.

Therefore the best thinking we will do is where diversity is included… and that means a thinking partner, or a team of people! How precious does it feel when someone listens without judgment or interruption, perhaps asks a question to guide us or help us clarify, but allows our thinking to do the work.

Not just once have I sat and listened to a teenager, parent, manager, or CEO think through a problem and then thank me for my ideas. And the last three things I said before they thanked me? Yes. Mmhm. And So what challenge are we thinking about today?

If you’re able to come across an obstacle, you’re able to find a way around it; the person who holds the question, holds the answer (or at very least the path to the answer). And the key to releasing that answer is a safe space to think.

Whatever your location is now, the path to it has (mostly) been determined by your thinking. So it stands to reason that thinking better will lead to better actions, which will result in better outcomes.

And better thinking is best done with a thinking partner (like amplico) or even a team.

If you’d like to experience a thinking environment, or have a thinking environment applied to your meeting, contact amplico today. And you can take advantage of a great offer before business closes in December 2023!Get your 50% off before Dec close of business 2023 on either an individual or team Time to Think session!

Who can benefit from a thinking environment? Any leader and decision maker. Newer managers, or those managing new people in their team (business or volunteer). And of course those approaching big life choices: from school to university choices, entering the workplace or retirement.