October 2023 at amplico has been busy. And still we have taken time to think. And here are some of our thoughts on thinking!

We may plan a straight path (and often that seems best, and is best). The path will not always be straight. Space to seek alternatives should be encouraged within ourselves and our teams.

We may plan on agreement (see parenthesis above and copy past here and below). Homogenous groups lead to unsustainable solutions, especially in the medium and long term. Greater diversity means a greater pool of possibility.

We may plan on the end goal (), but need to be where we are. Focus here and now (yes, put the phone down!)

We may offer the solution (), but the mind that holds the challenge also holds the solution. it is important to hold space for our selves, our “other” opinions, and our others in teams – family, friends and work.

Care enough to hear… and be heard. Or… no one is an island. Or… ubuntu: I am (and can only be) because you are (as much as I allow you to be).