a different perspective is amplicos only guaranteeThere are no guarantees in life – said so many wise people! Does business ever have a guaranteed investment? I mean some give guarantees, but…

The best ideas in life (personal and business) are things like creativity, tradition, relationships, balance, and movement. And investing in these will lead to growth; maybe even a 500+% return on investment (ROI)

A Fortune 500 company, their contracted coach, and a globally recognized measurement organization teamed up to measure this coaching intervention’s impact*. After all, you want to know that what you do IS effective, right? The result?

In their published summary, a 529% financial ROI was recorded. Special note was made of significant intangible gains; that is, not all growth can be measured in money. But for every 100 dollars invested, they received 500+ dollars back in their account. Directly attributable to the intervention. Sound like something you or your business needs? All gains are compounded (ask an accountant… or a coach)!

#Tip: Look out for a coach that will help you! amplico can do this online or in person… contact us to find if we’re the right fit. You want a coach that can work with you and your business. Horses for courses. The most important facet of a successful outcome is the overall relationship between the coach(es) and the player(s).

Your outcome may not look like 529% ROI. It may be different. How do you define success? How do we (you and me…) get this right? Knowing yourself, says Shakespeare and other wise people like many mothers, your values and your goals, will get you half way there. The rest of the way is team work and accountability. Let’s talk…

Explore, alone and in groups. Individual homework and collaborative group work sparks leaps that provide a fulfilling and successful environment for all. An executive intervention, such as the one referenced above, will include individual and group sessions. These sessions will focus on both tangible outcomes (possible focus on strategic or problem solving in specific functional areas), and intangible (eg: leadership, social, emotional strategies and interpretations).

Your gains, if correctly led (and managed) will be compounded. And of course, the intangible gains today, will be immeasurably compounded tomorrow. Are you ready to start your growth journey?

* https://www.empowermenttoolbox.com/MertrixSurvey.html