Have you ever found yourself wondering why winter is harder than summer? There’s good reason for the hardness of the season!

There is less sun. There is more cold. Often, social interactions are limited because of this. You spend more energy just to stay alive in the dark and cold than in the warmth.

So, what do you do? What do you do!

This article is published as we go into the 2nd month of winter… to help you thrive. If you’re looking for some support to get through this winter, set up time with us on our contact page! In the meantime, here are tips, and why they work to help you get back to summer, and live to a ripe old age.

  1. Movement is life. Exercise*. Anything from 90min a week (less than 15min a day) will do you good. Even if the weather is adverse, get some movement in! Walk on the beach, along a scenic road or just around the block; go to the gym, lift water bottles at home, or just search for some easy yoga. And if you can manipulate some people to join you, the benefits double!
  2. Get into some sun each day as often as possible; use your lunch time at work; if you have to change your lunchtime to take advantage of the days when the sun is shy, do it! Even 10 minutes will help, because vitamin D is essential to happiness; we need sun for our bodies to make it. This goes with eating “healthier” – that is, seek out food choices you enjoy that include few or no processed parts (small changes are almost always better than a complete re-write, and we know folk who can help you do this – its easier than we’re told).
  3. See your friends and if you combine this with a hobby, even better! Painting, cooking, birdwatching, a book club: make it suit you and yours! Scheduling space for this time will benefit your overall well-being and “fitness”. Your colleagues and family will thank you, too. Having something you love doing for fun will help you keep the dark in perspective.
  4. Plan to break winter up with a holiday: even looking forward to, experiencing, and reporting on an overnight vacation can change your whole appreciation for this season of the year. Use time in winter to plan a summer holiday; this is especially good if you have kids that need entertainment for the long summer vacation! Let your imagination run wild, then use your imagination to fit the fun into your budget.
  5. And, if winter life gets too overwhelming, see a coach or therapist. Think of us as “pay-per-view” friends who are here to ask, “do you just need someone to listen, or are you looking for help finding solutions?” Having someone in your corner that you know will have your back is invaluable. They may not be the only one in your corner, but they will be part of your team. And we have the experience to guide you through.

Let us know how these tips have worked for you, or you think will work for you! If you have others, drop it in the contacts. We may update this blog with the more interesting ones!

* If you have any physical conditions, please consult a medical doctor before attempting exercise.